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Kaizens – The Japanese word Kaizen translates into “Always trying to achieve perfection.” With our first Kaizens, still available until they sell out, they cut pretty well, but the beautiful orange color tended to chip off easily. The 420c steel needed to sharpened more frequently, and there were some issues. So, we improved every aspect with our new Kaizen 2 series.
*Gun-Metal Titanium
*Japanese 440c steel
*Ergonomic Handles for smooth cutting
*Extremely Sharp edging
*Impeccable and classy accessories, like our sparkle blue inserts
*Gorgeous and stylish “flip-lid” cases

Kaizen X2 – Because we want you to try to be perfect, we will try to be perfect.

We listen to our customers and groomers. That’s why we have decided to roll out new products, as well as update some of our existing products, with Japanese 440c steel. The benefits of this steel include, but not limited to, that the blades are a sharper, crisper cut and the shears last longer in between sharpenings compared to our 420c steel. Although not as light or durable when dropped when compared to our 420c steel, the Japanese 440c steel is very convenient to most groomers as it has become the initial standard in quality. We are proud to introduce these shears in this high quality Japanese 440c steel.

Save more when you pair these two together. A two-piece set is only $179.99 shipped!


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