Stardust Limited Edition Leggings

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The June Legging of the Month: Stardust

Design submitted by groomer Taylor Palmer

“When my daughter died it was a great loss to my family and myself. Looking at the stars brings out emotions that I have buried that I was afraid to express. A year after her passing, a group of friends bought a star and named it after her. Now when I look at the stars, all the buried emotions that depress and sadden me come out and then a rush of serenity hits me.

It makes me feel connected to her again. I get locked into a moment of profound understanding that you are inside the universe and the universe is inside of you and there are no words to describe that kind of beauty. Looking at the stars isn’t going to bring back a loved one like the one I lost, give back your time you wasted on a film or someone to text you back, but it’s still a powerful and important experience we should all have more often.
Looking at the stars helps us keep perspective that whatever we think is so important and overwhelming and difficult in life right now is actually very insignificant.

We’re all just little stardust in the wind.”


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