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Haleigh Hayes

Loyal Customer of the Month – Haeleigh Hayes

Our Loyalty Pet Products JULY 2017 Loyal Customer of the Month – Haeleigh Hayes

We are happy to announce Haeleigh Hayes our very first customer of the month! Haeleigh has been a loyal customer since we first began in late 2016 and continues to use our products daily, as well as being a strong supporter of ours on social media, which helps small businesses like ours grow with new customers, just like Haeleigh. We were able to steal Haeleigh away from her personal dogs for a brief interview.

LPP (Jazare): Hey Haeleigh! Congratulations! So to start off, how did you get into grooming? How long have you been grooming?

HH: Thank you, I appreciate it! I was actually going to LSU to study to be a vet. I was working at a vet clinic and decided it was just not my thing. I was offered a bather position at Petsmart and six months later I went to their grooming academy. I have been grooming ever since. I have been grooming for four years.

LPP: I have heard that a lot, actually. I wanted to be a vet, also, but too many dogs being put down – I just couldn’t do it. I’m at least still involved with animals, though. We know that you, along with a lot of groomers, have had some wrist issues. When did it start hurting and what have you done to heal up a bit?

HH: It actually started three years ago. My tendon is all balled up from overuse of my wrist. I got a steroid shot three years ago and that lasted for a year. I tried to lift a dog and I just felt it snap back. This year I tried to ignore it as much as I could and I went to go see a hand specialist. After they felt around a bit, they suggested carpel tunnel surgery, tendon surgery, etc – and I was definitely not going to jump into that. Now I am just icing it and keeping on a consistent schedule and I am going to do a steroid shot again.

LPP: I am in the same situation right now, too. My wrist, my back, my knees, etc are in pain. When I went to see the specialist, they told me that I have loose tendons and they tend to just pop in and out of place. Grooming has made it really bad, especially when it is cold out – my wrist just aches. I am right-handed, but it is my left wrist that hurts the most and I believe it is from holding the dogs’ faces while I groom. What do you feel is the hardest thing about grooming?

HH: I am currently a salon manager. Trying to find more skilled groomers that are hard workers is definitely a challenge.

LPP: We’re in the same boat. It isn’t just finding a groomer, it’s finding a quality groomer who is a great person, as well.

HH: Yeah, exactly.

LPP: Congratulations on being a salon manager, by the way.

HH: Thanks! I was a salon manager at Petco, too, and I am very happy to be back with Petsmart.

LPP: What’s the most talented aspect that you feel you have when it comes to grooming? What do you have the most confidence with?

HH: Breed-specific cuts. I’m apparently really good at them, so that is a strength.

LPP: And what about your weaknesses?

HH: Getting poodle coats straightened and fluffed out completely. Being in corporate and only having so much to work with.

LPP: Like not having a fluff dryer – it makes a world of difference in the hair cut.

HH: Definitely!

LPP: What do you love the most about Loyalty Pet Products?

HH: I love the customer service and I love the products. Every time you guys post something new, I’m like ‘OK, I need that!’

LPP (Jazare): That’s how I am when we get new shipments in! I’m like, ‘Honey…I think I need this’ – I dont need them all, but they are so nice.

HH: They really are. I roll them out at work on the table and people are always messing with them asking, ‘What are these?’ and people have been going to your website and I’m like, ‘They are awesome, you need some!’

LPP: That’s awesome! What is your favorite product(s) of ours?

HH: I mostly use the Ryker dragon series right now. And then the limited edition black and yellow chunkers. Those are the ones I use the most right now.

LPP: Those are the ones I use, too. What is the biggest surprise you have learned about LPP?

HH: When I first started ordering from you guys it was really interesting to me to find out that you are a small business and that you (Jazare) are a groomer as well.

LPP: Yeah, I don’t know if you go to grooming conventions much – where are you located actually?

HH: I live in Kansas City, Missouri. We are hours away from conventions.

LPP: Yeah, I would say there are not a lot of manufacturers, like some of the bigger names, that are actual groomers – and I feel it makes a huge difference.

HH: I agree – just comparing my other products to your products, it makes a difference – you being a groomer it is like you know what we need and what we are looking for.

LPP: Yeah, I agree. Our products are only going to get better. If you are happy with our products now, you are going to be super, super happy with what we put out in the coming months. With this being our first year, we have learned what works, what doesn’t, what manufacturers to lose, to keep, etc. We definitely listen to the customers. We will still offer the unique products with our look and feel, but the quality is going to be even better, with the price not being raised that much. We are going to do our very best to not have any shears any higher in price than the Rykers.

LPP: Have you won any of our contests? If so, which ones?

HH: Yes, the very first one, I believe it was a Magnificent Monday photo contest. I also won on a Facebook Live contest, as well.

LPP: Awesome. Will you be joining us at the Orlando grooming convention in October this year?

HH: That is the plan.

LPP: Really?!? That would be so awesome!

HH: Yes, I am already scheduling the time off already. I’m going to take some time off and come on out.

LPP: It should be a lot of fun. We are going to try to rent out a big enough space to share with our top loyal customers and our workers – I hate that term – TEAM MEMBERS. It will be a lot of fun! We have invested in this year’s convention and are one of the main sponsors. But even though we have to work, we are really looking forward to getting to know some of your guys on a more personal level. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your support and we thank you for that. It was a lot of fun last year. We get a house full of groomers and we talk dogs and shop and it is a blast! It’s not every day that you get to interact with the people in the same career as you. When you tell your family or friends about your day, they just don’t understand what we go through.

HH: I know I will be talking about it with my boyfriend and my granny and they are looking at me like, ‘Uhh, okay’.

LPP: My husband was the same way, although he has learned a lot. Especially since he is on (Facebook page) Grooming Uncensored, he sees a lot. (Ryan interjects) – Sometimes, I see too much. I will be eating and scrolling through my Facebook and there is a picture of a dog’s shaved ass in my face!

LPP: What would you tell to others about LPP if they have never heard of us?

HH: Whenever I am talking to my groomers about your products is that you are a small business, you are a groomer – so the people who make and design these actually know what we want and need.

LPP: Very good. Rapid Fire Fun Questions! Answer as quickly as possible.


LPP: Favorite length of scissors?

HH: 8.5 inch.

LPP: Favorite breed of dog to groom?

HH: I know I am crazy, but cocker spaniel.

LPP: Oh my god, you ARE crazy! . Favorite grooming group that you are a part of and why?

HH: Grooming Uncesored and Groomers Unite – those are the ones I frequent the most.

LPP: Groomers Unite hasn’t done anything in the last, like, two months and we apologize for that – we have been very busy (side note: Jazare started Groomers Unite when LPP only had around 200 fans last year). Maybe we will add you as an admin for the group (Jazare chimes in: There’s not much to do )

LPP: What is your favorite food to eat while you are at work?

HH: Junk Food?

LPP: No, not dog food! (I did not clearly hear her). What type of junk food? Like Takis? (Ryan’s personal favorite)

HH: Cheez-Its because that is the easiest thing from the vending machine.

LPP: Yeah, a lot of groomers don’t get a break to eat. I usually eat in between each groom. A bite of a sandwich here and there and it takes five hours to finish my sandwich.

HH: Yea, I have been bringing my groomers doughnuts so they at least have something to eat throughout the day.

LPP: I would imagine the worst thing to eat would be Cheetohs and then you have a white standard poodle you have to finish

LPP: What is the funniest grooming story that you can share to others?

HH: Funniest…it is funny and awful at the same time. My coworker was grooming a dachsund and she looks at me horrified and it is just exploded diarrhea all over her table, the wall, etc and she is just looking at me, like, ‘Now what do I do?!?’. And at the time her face was just hilarious because people don’t realize that things like that happen constantly.

LPP: Yeah, well. It hasn’t happened to me yet but I see it on Grooming Uncensored and I am waiting for that day to come.

HH: Oh, it’ll come!

LPP: What is your ultimate goal in the grooming/showing world?

HH: I would eventually want to have my own shop. And to have a poodle and afghan that I show. That would be it.

LPP: What can you tell us about the grooming picture that you submitted?

HH: All was hand-scissored using Loyalty Pet Products shears.

LPP: One more question for you – What is something that you think LPP needs to create in terms for another product that would be beneficial – tools, clothing, etc

HH: Smocks would be cool, but one of my girls says she would love for you to create swivels.

LPP: I am the same way. I have one 10 inch pair of swivels that I use on almost all of my dogs. We don’t have swivels yet, but something about them – it took me a couple of weeks to get used to them, but I will never go back to normal 10 inch straights again.

HH: That’s awesome! I have never used them so I have no idea what they are like but that was her big thing. She needed swivels.

LPP: That is our next thing in the future, for sure. Well thank you so much for your support, Haeleigh – for your time on this interview as well. Do you have any tips for the groomers out there maybe starting out?

HH: Just have patience – that is a huge thing for groomers. Make sure that you have the patience to know what you are doing and to collect the tools that you need – which, all of mine are Loyalty Pet Products, so I’m good!

LPP: Well, thank you very much. One of our big things is that we have a series called Kaizen, and it is Japanese for ‘Always strive for perfection’ and one of my favorite quotes from Walt Disney is ‘Keep Moving Forward’ – always try to improve a little bit each day. Thanks again, Haeleigh Hayes! We hope to have you as a customer for life and to see you at the convention!

HH: Definitely, I am working on that! Thank you, you too!

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Name Our Q2 Limited Editions Contest: Voting Ballot


We were delighted to see so many entries for our “Name our Q2 Limited Edition Shears”. There were so many creative names submitted and it was hard to narrow it down to the Elite 8 but here they are:

  • Kaleidescope (5 Entries)
  • Picassos (3 Entries)
  • Mosaic (2 entries)
  • Confetti
  • Cosmic Color Cutterss
  • Shear Madness
  • Fragmented
  • Galaxy

Vote for your favorite in the ballot below

As you can see, there were some entries that were submitted by multiple people. If one of these names receives the most votes, we will do a live raffle to select the winner of the Limited Edition shears (their choice of any limited edition series only). The others who submitted the winning name will also receive a coupon code for a discount of the shears they helped to name. Voting ends midnight March 31st. Only one vote per IP Address.

Vote for the name that you think is best for our Q2 Limited Editions

Magnificent Monday Photo Contest – Feb 27 2017

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1st Annual Halloween Contest – Voting Page

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Your vote matters! 😀

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Halloween Pet Photo Contest

pet halloween contest

2016 First Annual Halloween Pet Contest, brought to you by Loyalty Pet Product

Official Rules

No purchase necessary. Contestants are allowed one entry per category (one for pet costume, one for pet groom). To be eligible, contestants must properly and honestly fill out contact entry form, including first and last name, e-mail address and company name or website if applicable. All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on 11/01/16. Voting will end at 11:59 PM EST on 11/06/16. Winners will be announced on our website on 11/07/16. Voting will be limited to one vote per IP address.


  • 1st place Winner will receive a $50 Gift Card in the form of an exclusive code to be used on the website at checkout.
  • 2nd place Winner will receive a $25 Gift Card in the form of an exclusive code to be used on the website at checkout.
  • 3rd place Winner will receive a $15 Gift Card in the form of an exclusive code to be used on the website at checkout.


  • 1st place Winner will receive a $50 Gift Card in the form of an exclusive code to be used on the website at checkout.
  • 2nd place Winner will receive a $25 Gift Card in the form of an exclusive code to be used on the website at checkout.
  • 3rd place Winner will receive a $15 Gift Card in the form of an exclusive code to be used on the website at checkout.

In the event of a tie, Prize will be split to meet the amount of tied leaders. For example, if there is a three-way tie for first place, the total prize package will be divided by the number by three. $90 would be divided into three $30 increments for each winner. In this example, second and third place would be filled by the top 3 with equal shared votes.

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Through The Eyes Of Cage #17

My name used to be Buster. Now, they call me “Rex” around here. I really liked the name Buster, but I guess I am OK with Rex, too.

I am not really sure how I ended up here. I was with my owners for over fourteen dog years. We would play at the park. They gave me my own bed next to theirs, but they would let me sleep in their bed, too, if I was cute and tired enough.

One minute I was with my owner and his wife and then we got in a car and moved really far away into a smaller place. Several months later, his wife got really big in the belly and then they brought me here. I heard my owner say something to the lady at the front about not being able to trust me around the little one. I am not sure what ‘little one’ they were talking about, but I am sorry if you are mad at me for killing the little lizards in the patio. I would trade them all back to be with you guys again.


I used to be able to run and play in the backyard whenever I acted like I had to pee. Now, me and the others have specific times that we are let out to play – and it isn’t as long as I would like.

I am still happy because I know the shelter helpers love me. But I hear them sometimes talk about how things aren’t fair because I don’t have much time. I guess they can hear my thoughts about not playing enough outside?

Every once in a while, my caretakers load me and others up in a van and take us to a pet store or event and we get to lay down in the grass. We get stroked by strangers and I keep looking for my old family, but I never see them. I get to see a lot of smiles on children’s faces and I think that I would love to make them smile every day in their home, but for whatever reason, they don’t take me.


I am kind of getting tired of looking outside from where I sleep and see metal. I used to be so happy and carefree, but I am starting to just want to sleep all day in my corner, even when kids come by my cage to look at me. It just breaks my heart every day when I get excited and everyone leaves without me. Then I think about my owners and how I did NOTHING wrong. I loved them with all of my heart. Why did I have to eat those lizards? That must be the “little ones” they were not trusting me with. Sigh.


One of my favorite caretakers played with me a lot today for some reason. We usually only get about 20 minutes to play at a time, but we must have been out there for hours! I feel so alive and happy again! I can’t wait to meet some new families today. I really feel I will be taken home and I can prove to my new family that I can be the best addition to their family they could ever have!

I promise I won’t eat little lizards because I don’t want to come back here. They are nice to me here, but I want to be in a loving home with my very own bed, smiling children and owners, and a green grassy yard to run in whenever I want. I can’t wait to get adopted!!!

There is someone who looks important that is coming my way. I have never seen him before. He is wearing a white coat and he has a smile on his face, but it looks like a small tear in his eye. That is weird. I will never understand the human emotions. I just try to be happy all the time!

I am excited to follow this man. Everyone that works here is looking at him with importance. Maybe he is taking me to his house!! We go down the hallway and into a room I have never been in before and he tells me to hop on this metal table. Of course I happily obey him. Then the workers come in and they all start crying. I wonder if I am leaving this place and they are sad because they will miss me. I will miss them, too. They have been so nice to me since I have been here. I am happy to be going home, though!

The man in the coat hugs me and leans in towards my ear and says, “You will be in a better place. I am sorry someone gave up on you. I hear you were an amazing dog who never had another chance.”

Just then, I feel a slight pinch by my shoulder and I just get really, REALLY tired. I close my eyes as everyone in the room is still crying, but they are getting blurry. The man in the coat is crying hard now saying how he hates this part of his job. I picture all of the good times I had with my owners and I get mad at myself for killing lizards because maybe that is why I am here, but I was just being a dog. Then, it all goes black.


This story didn’t have to end this way. As an owner of two rescued pit bulls and a husband to a wife who breeds highly qualified standard poodles, I have seen both worlds. It is not an argument of buying vs. adopting. It is the responsibility to understand that an animal that you bring into your home should be seen and treated as a family member. Any changes that may occur in your life need to happen with your animal still by your side.

The above story came from my heart and I can’t even fathom my two pit bulls not getting a second chance. They have been the most amazing pets I have ever owned. This is your chance to do something! At Loyalty Pet Products, 10% of ALL of our website profits go to Paws Crossed, an organization in Lehigh Acres, Florida that rescues, rehabs, and rehomes dogs of all breeds that need that second chance.

You can help our cause by purchasing awesome items on our website, donating directly to their no-kill adoption and rescue organization, or by actively searching for a nearby pet adoption event occurring near your place of residence. If you have adopted already, THANK YOU. If you are thinking of adopting, ask all the right questions – it is a big commitment and both you and the animal will have an adjustment period, but stick with it.

I can’t picture my life without animals. Losing any of my animals would break my heart. Don’t break theirs by leaving them to chance. Let’s change the above story because there are way too many stories similar to my version of “Buster”. Let’s work on this TOGETHER. Choose to do something for the loving animals that don’t have a voice or a choice!

Thank you
Ryan Alvarez,