Grooming Nail and Face Trim Sling Hammocks

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We are the ONLY hammock in the entire industry with a patent-pending HEAD REST for the security, safety, and comfort for your furry customers.

Our hammocks are suitable for cats or dogs up to 35 pounds for the Teacup, Small, and Medium Sizes. We now offer a LARGE sized hammock that holds up to 75 pounds and we call it “The Doodle” – highly recommended to have a FULL overhead bar. We are not at fault for any injury due to table or bar malfunctions or customers not following hammock directions properly. Safety is our priority! Our zippered pieces allow for extension for the various sized pets that you will be trimming. These are perfect for those aggressive, wiggly, or older animals that need some assistance when it comes to getting their nails / pads / faces done.

These hammocks provide a comfortable solution for the pet, balancing their weight while providing access to their nails.

We offer four sizing options, all have an insert that can come out to make it smaller:
-Teacup “The Yorkie”

-Small “The Boston Terrier”

-Medium “The Cocker Spaniel”

– Large “The Doodle”

These come with the hooks, adjustable zipper piece, AND patent-pending headrest to support the animal’s neck/head during trimming and face detail that no one else in the world owns the rights to. The headrest when used properly with the velcro straps also helps discourage biting from the animal.

We have also added velcro straps for added support, as well as zipper protection for the animal’s safety of the underbelly.

All of our apparel and grooming accessories come with a 14 day trial period from date of purchase, for which you may receive a full refund upon inspection and accompanied with a printout of your receipt.


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Teacup Breed (The Yorkie), Small Breed (The Boston Terrier), Medium Breed (The Cocker), Large Breed (The Doodle)

6 reviews for Grooming Nail and Face Trim Sling Hammocks

  1. kadmin

    These are awesome!

    • Ryan Alvarez

      Thank you so much! We are glad that you enjoy them!

  2. jrfleming_14 (verified owner)

    I would give this 100 stars if is could. My wife and I just used this to cut our 5lb long hair chihuahua nails. It took use 10 mins to cut all of her nails, this is amazing because normally we have to sneak a nail when she is not paying attention. I would pay double the price not to have to take her to the vet so they can sedate her to cut her nails. This is the best product I have ever seen. Thank you so much for making it.

    • Ryan Alvarez

      Thank you so much for the kind words and we are happy to know that it is making your day easier – check out our other awesome products when you get the chance! We appreciate you and thank you for choosing us!

  3. Nanette Donohue (verified owner)

    I just received mine and am excited to use it. Are there instructions on how to position the dog in the hammock? For instance, the additional pillowed flap, is that for the head or tail?

  4. rhonda.ramsay (verified owner)

    This Product Is Amazing ! I am Not a Groomer and Decided To Groom at Home During Covid! I Was Having Trouble with Getting The Nails and Paw Pads Trimmed !
    The Other Hammocks Researched Were Made So Cheap and Broke Down ! I Saw This and Had To Have It! I ordered The Xtra Small for My 4 Lb Yorkie Which Was The Perfect fit and I took out the extra Part because she is Tiny ! It arrived in 3-4 Days in A Beautiful Wrapped Package ! It Is Designed With Strong Buckles and Beautiful High Constructive Canvas Type Material That Can Be Adjusted to Fit Your Dog Safely and Comfortable ! I Ordered Pink That is Beautiful! The Video Explains Everything !
    Five Stars all The Way For The Product! Five Stars To Jazare For His Kindness,Patience and Knowledge In Answering All My Questions About His Product !

    • Ryan Alvarez

      Thanks so much, Rhonda! We truly appreciate your honest feedback on your purchase of our hammocks!

  5. Donna Muse (verified owner)

    Tried many a thing, even a very durable over the shoulder dog carrier that I purchased for a dog with TPLO surgery. It “half” worked after it was “reengineered” This however works much better without any reengineering except for size of dog. Highly recommend. I have five dogs and all love me dearly but two will remove my fingers when I try to trim their feet/nails. This allows me to work and keep my fingers.

    • Ryan Alvarez

      Thank you, Donna! We are truly happy when we make a product that allows a groomer’s day to be easier and more functional. Have a blessed day!

  6. Clara Gonzalez (verified owner)

    I love this hammock! The removable middle panel makes it useable for a variety of sizes and the safety straps have been FANTASTIC, especially for dogs that learn how to pull their feet up and squish them inside the hammock. The head rest has protected me from bites quite a few times, so I’m very grateful for that. I also really like that the straps can be unhooked completely if the hammock needs to be washed.

    • Ryan Alvarez

      We truly love to hear feedback like this – thank you so much!

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