Your Unique Style
Meets Our Award-Winning Quality

Ever dreamt of having a perfect blend of individuality and style in your dog grooming apparel? Now, we’re making that dream come true! Loyalty Pet Products, your trusted brand in quality dog grooming gear, is ecstatic to announce that we are now accepting orders for customized items from our line of award-winning dog grooming apparel.

🐾 FurResist Fabric: The Perfect Balance of Comfort and Durability 🐾

Available with Leggings, Sports Bras and Tank Tops

We understand the challenges of dog grooming, and we know that you need apparel that is as tough as it is comfortable. Our FurResist fabric is woven from a premium blend of materials designed to resist fur buildup and to stand up to the demands of your work. Now, for the first time, you can customize leggings, tank tops, and sports bras made from our FurResist fabric! Stand out from the crowd while benefiting from the comfort and durability that our award-winning material offers.

🎨 Express Your Personality With Custom Designs 🎨

Add a personal touch to your work attire! We’re offering customized designs on our popular grooming smocks, letting you promote your brand or showcase your style while providing top-tier grooming services. Get your shop’s logo, your own design, or even a fun graphic that speaks to your personality. The sky is the limit!


Creating Your Dream Grooming Gear is Easy

If you’re ready to step up your grooming game, fill out the form below. Whether you need a single piece or a complete set, our team is on standby to provide you with a quotation for your custom orders.

Let Loyalty Pet Products help you create a grooming wardrobe that truly reflects your passion, style, and commitment to your furry clients.

Remember, your style should be as unique as every dog you groom. Don’t blend in, stand out with Loyalty Pet Products today!

Fabric Options

Original Material
PROS: professional, durable, breathable, quick to dry
CONS: NOT hair-resistant
PROS: award-winning, hair-resistant, quick to dry, lots of styles / designs to play with.
CONS: complex blend that needs to be cared for carefully – think sweat-wicking material)
PROS: Most common fabric found for smocks / aprons – water-resistant, hair-resistant, dries quickly.
CONS: keeps in body heat / holds in sweat ; Hard to create patterned graphics on the fabric itself other than logos/letters
PROS: Your most basic blend, comfortable.
CONS: NOT Hair-resistant, can be hot/heavy in warm environments/sweating.

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