Q: Where are you guys located?
A: We are physically located in Fort Myers, Florida. We not have a brick and mortar store at this time, but we are open to all customers on our website 24/7/365.

Q: Why should I try out your shears compared to other brands that have been in the business a lot longer than you?
A: Lots of reasons, really. We are a small family business that is working hard for you. We have groomers on staff that test each scissor for quality and sharpness before they are shipped out. We have a 30 day, risk-free guarantee (see below). We have a limited LIFETIME warranty that we offer (see below). We are down-to-earth people who see you as a groomer in our Loyalty Nation, not just another numbered customer. As we grow, we will offer more contests, instructional (and fun) videos for free, and flash sales for our growing family members. Finally, we know that these are not just scissors – they are an extension of your craft and creativity. With this in mind, we will be rolling out some amazingly beautiful designs that this industry has ever seen while still keeping them at a very affordable price point.

Q: What exactly is the 30 day risk-free guarantee?
A: We stand by our products and will gladly refund our customers if our shear does not meet your standards of quality within 30 days of purchase. Policy does not include loss, theft, drops, or product malfunctions due to excessive or abusive use of shears. The guarantee is only available to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Original receipt or invoice is needed at time of return. Customer is responsible to pay for shipping and handling on return of item – this helps keep our costs low for you, the groomers. Product must be returned in sturdy packaging with product bubble wrapped.

Q: How does the Lifetime Warranty work?
A: Purchaser must sign up on our e-mail list within thirty (30) days of purchase to qualify for Limited Lifetime Repair Service. Individual shears must be shipped in a sturdy priority package wrapped in bubble wrap along with $24.95 for repair service. If scissors can not be repaired, we will ship you a brand new pair at no extra charge. Repairs does not include shear sharpening. For questions regarding our repair and sharpening service, please email us at [email protected]

Q: What do you mean by ‘limited’ warranty?
A:Our Lifetime warranty is limited for two reasons: If you do not sign up on our e-mail list within thirty days of purchase and/or the scissors appear abused, neglected, etc, the warranty will be void. Secondly, because not all repair companies and sharpeners are created equal, Our Warranty becomes VOID if our shears are taken to another repair service or sharpening service. This is pretty standard in the scissor industry with other companies.

Q: I want to stay within the Lifetime Warranty and need to sharpen my shears with your company, how do I proceed?
A: Our Sharpening Service, along with your registered e-mail address within 30 days of purchase, is required to maintain your Lifetime Warranty on our shears. Our sharpening prices are very competitive with other big name brands and their lifetime warranties. We suggest that you sharpen your shears every 3-6 months. These are your investments and you should treat them so.

Questions specific to our sharpening service

Q: Where do I send my shears to be sharpened to remain under warranty?
A: The address to send your shears to be sharpened is:
Loyalty Pet Products Sharpening Services
40991 Horseshoe Road
Punta Gorda, FL 33982

Q: What do I include in the package:

  • Your return shipping address is absolutely necessary
  • We will ship Priority back to you because we know you value your shears!
  • Name and daytime telephone number
  • Brief note identifying your shears (quantity, size, brand, markings, etc.).
  • Please write CLEARLY and LEGIBLY
  • Payment Information (Options are below)

Return Priority Shipping Costs is included in your overall cost (unless for international shipping)

Q: What is the cost of sharpening?

  • $30 for initial first pair – $15 for each additional pair
  • Return Priority Shipping is included in the cost.
  • Price includes hollow-grinding, polishing, minor repairs. Each pair is also set and tested by hand.

Q: What payment options do you offer to the sharpening service?

  • Check made payable to Loyalty Pet Products – Please put sharpening service in the memo line
  • Credit card (please call or email if you prefer to pay with credit card)

Q: What is the turnaround time to have my shears sharpened?

  • Turnaround time is generally two weeks. We need your shears for about 5-8 business days. Please also allow time for shipping which varies depending on destination.
  • International package about 3-4 weeks

Q: Do you sharpen brands other than Loyalty Pet Products shears?
A: Yes, we sharpen all brands of scissors. If a pair of scissors appears to not be up to our standards of sharpening, we will notify the shipper and simply refund the sharpening fees, minus the shipping.

Q: How should I pack my shears?
A: Ideally, put your shears in whatever case they came in and wrap them in newspaper, bubble wrap, etc. Then put them in some package with extra filler if necessary to keep from moving upon delivery.

Other Questions

Q: I really love your company! Are you hiring?
A: We are not officially hiring employees at this time. However, if you are interested in making some extra money in commission sales, you can e-mail us directly at [email protected] with the title COMMISSION. We will give you a unique code for you to give other groomers and when they use your code, you can get back between 10-20% of the sale price! That commission can be in the form of a check, paypal transfer, or even to use on our website!

Q: Where else are you guys on social media?
A: We are located on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat. It would benefit for you to add us on there as we do flash sales and contests quite a bit!

Q: Do you guys sell your swag gear like the magnets, pens, etc? I love them!
A: As of right now, those are little gifts of love that we enjoy giving out to our customers. We are always thinking of fun little items of swag to give our stylists that purchase with us, but we may open the door to merchandise for sale on here.

Q: Do you go to any grooming conventions?
A: This past year was our first official year of offering shears and we went to the Orlando Grooming Convention (October 2016) and we had a blast! We will definitely be attending that again in 2017. Other shows we are considering for the future right now is the Las Vegas, Atlanta, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana shows. As for right now at the beginning of 2017, we are looking to stay localized in Florida at local dog events and shows.

Q: Why should I sign up on your e-mail list? I don’t want spam.
A: We know how busy your lives are and how ‘junky’ your mailbox probably already is. We will not spam you to death and only offer you sales at the rate of around once a month. We will offer you pre-orders on products before they are released to the public, flash sales and coupon codes that others do not get, and you still retain your lieftime warranty! What’s not to love? You can always opt-out of the emails by unsubscribing, but you will hurt our feelings and your wallet.

Q: I am in love with your shears! How can I tell the world?
A: Again, if you think you can sell for us, definitely e-mail us. If you just want to boast at how awesome of a groomer you are using our beautiful shears, well that’s fine with us, too! The easiest way is to post on our Facebook page and Instagram, tagging us. #welovehashtags on Twitter as well, and Snapchat we are still getting accustomed to, but we will learn. We LOVE seeing happy customers, so please share the love!

Q: I don’t see my question on here. Who can I contact?
A: No problem! You can simply email us at [email protected] You can also call us direct at either of these two numbers:
If urgent, you can call 863.244.4874
If you have cut an animal while grooming with one of our extremely sharp shears, do not call us – you know better 🙂

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