Any items ordered that are on backorder will receive a

10% coupon code

for future purchases

Dear Loyalty Customers

With love and kindness,

Ryan and Jazare Alvarez

We first want to thank you for your continued support both at the at Atlanta Pet Fair trade show and also online. As you are aware due to this COVID-19 pandemic, President Trump has ordered no incoming flights from International borders and we have many manufacturers throughout different countries that do not allow our products to be shipped in a timely manner during this time period.

 As there is no official date as to when this will be lifted, we want to ensure you that we will be shipping out items that we currently have in our inventory as soon as the orders come in, based on date and priority, but those orders that are placed where items are on backorder due to this issue will be honored with a future discount code to be used on a future order due to the patience required.

 I hope you realize that we are all in this together and our priority is the safety and health of our family, our furry friends, and you, our customers. We continue to pray each and every day that individuals that have this virus do not suffer and we hope for a speedy recovery with those individuals and countries worldwide.

We truly appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter and we love having you as our Loyalty family members. Stay strong and stay safe.
Thank you.

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