Take a deep breath.
Close Your Eyes.


Staying calm as a groomer is no easy task, but with your new Serenity shears by Loyalty Pet Products, you can rest assured they will help you handle the toughest of jobs. Relieve stress throughout your work day by allowing the flawless ease of your Serenity shears to quickly and accurately get the groom you’re looking for in your peace of mind.


Japanese 440C Steel with Rose Gold Finish

7.5" Straights
7.5" Curves
6.0" Thinners
6.0" Chunkers

Includes keepsake box & high quality case

Serenity Medallion keychain

The custom-designed handles are the workings of an original idea my wife Jazare Alvarez and I had during the height of the pandemic. Mental wellness is a stock that most groomers fail to invest in as much as they should. for the design, one side of the handles are rolling waves, a symbol of going with the flow of life while the other handle is tranquil leaves, a sign of growth and harmony. The three unique turquoise stones on the underside of the handle are a two-fold meaning: Living-Laughing-Loving as well as embracing the Past, the Present, and the Future – a reflection of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going. These two paths of life combine to lead you to clarity and enlightenment which is represented by the Lotus Flower on the blades. Finally, we chose Rose Gold as the finished polish to represent composure and beauty.


Stay Safe. Stay Calm. Stay Serene with your new Serenity shears. Don’t just use these as an investment for your grooming – they are an investment in yourself as well.
$ 399.99
OMG these are my new favorite shears! They are light but solid and very high quality. They cut amazingly well. I am in love with the design too. LPP outdid themselves with the Serenity set.
I am so happy with my purchase!
- Culleen M.

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If the Serenity Set doesn’t meet your expectations, simply send it back to us for a full refund. No questions asked.

4 Piece Set: Straight, Curve, Thinner & Chunker

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Set includes matching protective case

Packaged in Serenity styled keepsake box

Includes Serenity Medallion / Keychain

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