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One Limited Edition Style released on the 15th of every month.

Every month Loyalty Pet Products will reveal a new limited edition legging design (and matching sports bra and tank top) that you can pre-order from this page.

All legging pre-orders will receive a small gift for your patience during the 35 day custom order waiting period.

Minimum 40 Pairs ordered before design will be manufactured.

Order window closes at 11:59PM on Sunday November 21st

Please read all FAQs here


Don't Just Take Our Word For It


Our grooming pants have been receiving a lot of LOVE on social media.  We can tell you how great we think our grooming pants are but nothing can top endorsements from actual customers who wear them in the shop. 

Not digging the style of this month's legging?

Legging of the Month - Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! But don’t just take our word for it – check the many social media posts and videos that show customers amazed at the results. We use a unique blend of lycra, spandex, and polyester to get the exact feel of leggings while holding true to the hair-resistant claim.
No, but once you checkout and make your purchase, there is no turning back. This is due to the fact that these are made to order, unlike our other stock products.
Each pair is $47 ($48 if you choose pockets), but that will INCLUDE shipping costs, which is actually cheaper than if you were to buy a pair of our regular leggings and pay for shipping!
Well, bad things will happen. Just kidding, but maybe not. You see, these are limited run designs that we create. When the window shuts on the pre-ordering timeline, IF we have any extras made, your cost will jump up to $55 per pair – but that is even if we have any extras made. After a couple of months, we can almost guarantee that the designs will never be made again.
Normally, the turnaround would be about 25 days. However, in the current events that we are all enduring with COVID-19, it is safe to say within 45 days from the final “window day” you will have your product delivered to your address.
Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it if you really fall in love with a unique design because you may never see them again. Sad, yes, but that is the appeal of our brand – we are unique in the industry and to YOU, our loyal customer.

SURE! But please understand we will be shipping ALL of these items at the same time because we are trying to keep the cost low for you, which means shipping out at the same time helps us both out. So pre-order your leggings, but if there are other items you need sooner than 45 days, please make a separate purchase. (We offer free shipping for any purchases when your order total is above $49!)

This would have to be a case by case basis based on quantity and other products purchased. If you want just ONE or TWO pairs of leggings, please contact [email protected] to get a shipping quote. Anything above that weight we will not be able to ship at this time.
With our regular apparel, the return/refund policy is 14 days. HOWEVER, because these are a made to order item, these can’t be returned. Please make sure that you check our sizing chart carefully before selecting. * If you have purchased our leggings before, they are the same sizing measurements.
For our normal stock inventory, no. For the Unique Monthly Leggings, YES! We will now carry XS all the way up to 3XL. We will not be making leggings past the 3XL. The 2XL will be sized 16-18 and the 3XL will be 18-20.

Our Limited Edition Monthly Leggings are now available in 3 styles:  true leggings,  bootcut pants and capris. 

The designs will vary each month and the plan in the future is to allow one lucky customer help design a pair! We also plan to let the “community” vote between two designs one month. We want this to be about YOU and being comfortable in your apparel while you groom, walk, workout, nap, etc.