“Obarks” Limited Edition 8″ 4 Piece Shear Set + Gifts

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Introducing the Limited Edition shear set “The Obarks” .

This 8” shear set includes four shears:

  • “Marty” – The straight shooter that gets right to the point and gets the job done.
  • “Wendy” – The sly and slick curve of a shear that goes in and right back out of trouble.
  • “Charlotte” – The thinning shear that helps clean up the mess of others.
  • “Jonah” – Undervalued, this chunker smooths everything out if others get out of line.

You’re getting EACH quality shear for LESS than $75!

PLUS, I also created a fun “OBARK” shirt and mug that captures the fun elements of dogs in general. With each set purchased, you will be given a limited edition t-shirt with the unique OBARK design ($14.99 value) as well as an OBARK coffee mug ($11.99 value) absolutely FREE. (You will be able to order these two items separately in the near future)

Not a fan of the show? You’ll still enjoy this limited edition four piece set that will help cut through some criminal (almost downright illegal) matting and helping to keep those out of line hairs in their place, as well as a free keepsake shirt and mug that any dog lover will thoroughly enjoy.

There are ONLY 30 TOTAL SETS available, INCLUDING 5 that are LEFTY sets

Your set will include:

  • 8” Straights – “Marty”
  • 8” Curves – “Wendy”
  • 8” Thinners – “Charlotte”
  • 8”Chunkers – “Jonah”
  • Set case with embossed unique THE OZARKS logo on it
  • Unique OBARK tee shirt
  • Unique OBARK coffee Mug


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