30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by our products and will gladly refund our customers if our shears do not meet your standards of quality within 30 days of purchase. Policy does not include loss, theft, drops, product malfunctions due to excessive or abusive use of shears. The guarantee is only available to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Original receipt or invoice is needed at time of return. Customer is responsible to pay for shipping and handling. Product must be returned in sturdy packaging with product bubble wrapped.

Purchaser must sign up on our e-mail list within thirty (30) days of purchase to qualify for Limited Lifetime Repair Service. Individual shears must be shipped in a sturdy priority package wrapped in bubble wrap along with $24.95 for repair service.

If scissors can not be repaired, we will ship you a brand new pair at no extra charge. Repairs does not include shear sharpening. For questions regarding our repair and sharpening service, please email us at [email protected]

Because not all repair companies and sharpeners are created equal, Our Warranty becomes VOID if our shears are taken to another repair service or sharpening service.

Sharpening Service

Our Sharpening Service, along with your registered e-mail address within 30 days of purchase, is required to maintain your Lifetime Warranty on our shears. Our sharpening prices are very competitive with other big name brands and their lifetime warranties. We suggest that you sharpen your shears every 3-6 months. These are your investments and you should treat them so. Time to sharpen?

The address to send your shears to be sharpened is:

Loyalty Pet Products Sharpening Services
40991 Horseshoe Road
Punta Gorda, FL 33982
What to include in your package:

  • Your return shipping address is absolutely necessary
  • We will ship Priority back to you because we know you value your shears!
  • Name and daytime telephone number
  • Brief note identifying your shears (quantity, size, brand, markings, etc.).
  • Please write CLEARLY and LEGIBLY
  • Payment Information (Options are below)
  • Return Priority Shipping Costs is included in your overall cost (unless for international shipping)

Cost of sharpening (Return Priority Shipping Costs are included)

  • $30 for initial first pair – $15 for each additional pair
  • Price includes hollow-grinding, polishing, minor repairs. Each pair is also set and tested by hand.

Payment Options

  • Check made payable to Loyalty Pet Products – Please put sharpening service in the memo line
  • Credit card (many people include their number in their package)

Turnaround time

  • About two weeks, sometimes quicker
  • International package about 3-4 weeks

Frequently asked questions and answers
Q: Do you sharpen brands other than Loyalty Pet Products shears?
A: Yes, we sharpen all brands of scissors. If a pair of scissors appears to not be up to our standards of sharpening, we will notify the shipper and simply refund the sharpening fees, minus the shipping.

Q: How should I pack my shears?
A: Ideally, put your shears in whatever case they came in and wrap them in newspaper, bubble wrap, etc. Then put them in some package with extra filler if necessary to keep from moving upon delivery.

Q: How long will it take until I receive my sharpening?
Turnaround time is generally two weeks. We need your shears for about 5-8 business days. Please also allow time for shipping which varies depending on destination.

For Questions or Business Inquiries

Loyalty Pet Products
40991 Horseshoe Road
Punta Gorda, FL 33982
[email protected]

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